Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Hey Everybody!
So the last time I posted was in March...
I really missed you all.
We've been going through some ups and downs, including
career and jobs changes for both of us...
And long periods with no sex.
I am finally on the right career path,
but the new job and this new path takes a lot of me...mentally.
The job requires of me being creative at all times, managing between 40-50 clients every week,
which of course cant all be satisfied, and no the client isn't always right.
Mostly, the client is WRONG.
Plus, I'm trying to finish school.
Don't get me wrong, i love what i do, i love my co-workers but i despise dealing with the public!!!
My love is working so far away... He gets home late and starts His day so yearly...we barely see each other...
But He also assures me that He still is and always be my Master in life, even if we are not actively practicing bdsm or D/s... He says that He always been guiding me.