Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Hey Everybody!
So the last time I posted was in March...
I really missed you all.
We've been going through some ups and downs, including
career and jobs changes for both of us...
And long periods with no sex.
I am finally on the right career path,
but the new job and this new path takes a lot of me...mentally.
The job requires of me being creative at all times, managing between 40-50 clients every week,
which of course cant all be satisfied, and no the client isn't always right.
Mostly, the client is WRONG.
Plus, I'm trying to finish school.
Don't get me wrong, i love what i do, i love my co-workers but i despise dealing with the public!!!
My love is working so far away... He gets home late and starts His day so yearly...we barely see each other...
But He also assures me that He still is and always be my Master in life, even if we are not actively practicing bdsm or D/s... He says that He always been guiding me.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


So I hear that March is traditionally a month of q&a . You ask I/We answer. Therefore don't be shy and feel free to ask anything and everything (non-outing of course) .

Looking forward for your Q's!

P.s : This Is my first time so please be gentle  ;)

Monday, March 2, 2015

Because I'm His!

So today we were texting each other as we do all day EVERY day, because we don't see one another until late in the evening or night:

Me: I would like to lick you

Him: Hmmm...

Me: "Hmmm" :)

Him: Hmmmmmm ;)

Me: I'm open to your demands

Him: I know.

Me: How do you know?

Him: Because you are mine.

That...That just put a stupid grin on my lips, made my pussy clench really hard
and my heart just melted..... :)

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Problem joining other blogs

Has anyone else had the same issue ?

Any Ideas how it may be resolved ?

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Playing a cello

I have a request for you: Before you continue reading, play THIS in the background. 
Sir recently added this to our play-playlist and it was playing on that evening...

*  *  *

We have this mobile massage seat, which on this particular night was settled on the big and comfy armchair in the living room.

Sir have been having some problem with his back, so he was sitting in the armchair with the massage seat on.

Do you know what will make this even better?
He asked me the low bass voice of his...the voice that i fell in love with the first time we ever spoke on the phone. (To this day, just thinking of his voice makes me wet)

He wasn't feeling well, there for the thought of anything of a asexual nature happening that evening didn't cross my mind.   

...If you'll bring a pillow to kneel in front of me. That way, I could enjoy the massage as you suck my cock.

He was speaking with a wicked smile...which of course made me all excited and i almost sprinted from the sofa.
As I was about to I leave the living room area, I heard:

Oh! And bring the crop with you.

I presented him with the crop and knelled ( wearing a low cut, black dress )
He ordered me to remove my bra without removing the dress... (you all know the trick ladies)
Then, He lowered my cleavage even more than it already was and placed the cloth under my breasts, totally exposing them.

He started by pinching, pulling and squeezing my nipples...all the long having a grin on his face...
or should I say a satisfied smug, watching me moan and squirm and dig my fingernails in to the arm rests of the chair...

Then came a swat...
It fucking it stung SO good!
I was already soaked...
I wanted IT
I needed IT
I NEEDED to feel the pain

Another on the right nipple... He goes again... and again... and again...
Now, he switched to the left one. He repeats this nipple swatting rhythm again and again,

He pulled me snug against him. Pulled up my dress and lowered the tights and panties.

I was still kneeling as He pushed my torso over his right knee. Almost like a cello placed between his legs and the crop as his bow. 
This way he could have a better access to my bare ass and beat  play me with a greater precision...

He went for the same spot over and over again...
As I was screaming, moaning, panting...trying to squirm away from his vicious attack but yet afraid he is going to stop...

He pulled me up...Now i was back kneeling before him. Face to face.

Now you can suck my cock!

I was already so hungry for HIM.
I pushed Him as far as i could down my throat... the taste, the smell...
My head was spinning...
I sucked the best i know how...

He was siting comfortably in the chair...with one hand he was swatting my ass with the bow crop, with the other he was softly petting my hair as my had went up and down his shaft...
I was lost in this pain-pleasure feeling...flying,,,, pushing His hard big cock down my throat...gagging each time as i pushed further and further... (he enjoys watching me gag.. )
My pussy was wet and needy...

Out of nowhere ... 

I reluctantly did ( was i pouting ? maybe... ).

He pushed me back. 

Open your mouth.
Now, hold this.

He has placed the crops between my teeth, stood up and disappeared for a few moments.

When he reappeared in front of me he said: 

Now you can take off my shoes. 

With the crop still firmly settled between my teeth, My breathing rapid from the excitement and need, I removed his shoes.
He took the crop back in his hand.

Go fetch your wand!

Back in kneeling position. With the wand pressed against my oh so wet pussy...i turned in on....

And oh my....................

I dove back between his legs...sucking his delicious cock...the vibe was buzzing burred between my thighs...

I could feel the waves getting closer...

I am trained to ask for permission (when i can...sometimes its just happens...and sometimes i get punished because it "just happened"  )

May i cum Sir?
(You can just go and imagine how it sounded like with a mouth full of cock)

Yes, you may!

And I came so hard....gagging...but i didn't  care anymore...i couldn't remove his cock from my throat...i NEEDED it to be even deeper...i got even more greedy...
And then a second wave hits...
i produced a muffled scream...moaning...dancing with the vibe torture...

I'm cumming....  

I was so ready to drink Him.
He poured himself into my mouth and I drank, and swallowed, and milked him for more until there was no more and He told me to stop.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

"Sensual and magnetic, the writer". By Sir Symon

This is a beautiful and extremely HOT story written by Sir Symon:

Hope you enjoy it as much as i did :)


The day had been slow torture…

The train was busy as usual with the crush of bodies fighting for space among the throng. She had caught my eye, in fact, on my first glimpse I knew, instinctively, that this quiet, shy woman had so much more to offer than she chose to present to the world outside. And I saw countless times how she was ignored, passed over and yet her charm was obvious to me, the classic beauty, carefully selected clothes… oh the delicate shimmer of her breast beneath the sheer material of her blouse…

You barely glance up from the book you read, as you exchange with the man who claims the space next to you settles down. You suppress a groan as his solid frame squeezes you against the side of the train, biting your lip hard as he then proceeds to remove a laptop and further invade your space. Obviously sensing your tension, he looks sideways with an knowing smile, and for a second, his charming face and the friendly glint in his eyes almost overcomes your frustration.
You dive once more into the pages of your book, looking to escape the crush of reality and the arms into your side. However you become quickly bored with the predictable storyline and find yourself increasing distracted by the man’s aftershave which has slowly filtered into your awareness. The expensive scent sends you off on a pleasant day-dream and you idly glance across at the laptop screen next to you, watching the words dance across the white expanse.

You suddenly catch your breath as the typed words penetrate your brain and sink in:
… sliding inside her wet cunt … arms held taut as he plunges his cock deep Inside … yes Sir… screams with rage as she feels herself stretched to her limits …

You stop at the last sentence, realizing his fingers have stopped dancing across the keys, the cursor blinks at you, flashing accusingly, demanding a response. You glance away quickly, staring at the green blur of trees rushing by.

You feel your cheeks flush and much to your surprise, you feel a stirring in your belly, a hot sting of desire between your thighs. Suddenly, his body pressed against yours in the crush of the cramped train takes on a new meaning, his closeness not something you can block out.

Your mind spins; what do you do? Carry on as if you hadn’t seen the words and disappear once more behind a wall of dull words? A wild impulse grabs you, the endless monotony of your life pushes you forwards and his smile flashes across your mind finally delivering you your answer… You answer by placing your book down and once more face his screen.

The words flash across the screen as his fingers tap across the keyboard in an assured and confident fashion, the watch on his wrist, beneath his crisp white shirt, clatters in time with the tracks which run beneath you both.

And… I am going to fuck you. Just with my words for now, they will invade your mind, like my fingers will eventually invade your cunt. But for now, they will be enough.

You feel your heart race, the words excite you in a way the books you read never have.

And… I will make you cum, now, on this train, while you sit here surrounded by all these people and the only one who knows will be me.

You catch your breath, the mix of his shear arrogance and confidence intrigue you. His whole approach has you wet, hot, and squirming in your seat.

And… Although I’m sitting next to you and I could reach over now, slide my hands up your leg and feel how wet and ready you are for my cock, I won’t need to. The only way I will touch you now is with what I write here.

Damn it, how does he know, how can he be so sure? You glance at him for a moment and his confidence is evident in the way he holds himself, his well cared for features suggesting an authority and a power you hadn’t noticed before. You catch yourself at the thought, realizing you are subconsciously grinding your hips, trying to find some relief.

And… when I’m finished here, when my words have fucked your mind, bent it, twisted it, forced it to succumb to my will; you will need me to fuck you. You will beg me to take you. You will get off this train with me and you will be on your knees taking my cock in your mouth, forcing my hands inside your cunt.

You watch his fingers begin to flash across the keyboard again, and you imagine how they would play on your body, how it would feel as he crushed your nipples between them. You breathe still faster as you imagine those fingers sliding inside you, spreading you, discovering you, making you live.

And…We are going to find an alleyway; the pain will be delicious as you slam up against the cold bricks. Your world will become mine; my hands in your hair, pulling you to me, my hands lifting your skirt, forcing you wide, fingers tasting that pretty little cunt of yours.
I slide my tie from my neck, as I spin you around by your hair, the bricks cooling against your hot skin. You feel my hands on your wrists, vices around delicate limbs. You shout as I pull them hard behind you. I delight as you finally start to struggle a little against me, as the silk slips around your wrists and binds you tight, harsh. I know your thoughts. Your worry surfaces. What have you done; not you, this is not you.

Panting, desperate, you dare not look away; this is what you have dreamed of on those quiet nights alone but never dared admit to yourself. You have always denied yourself these thoughts in the daylight, burying the memory in the morning, no matter how delicious the remnant of the dream. And yet as you sit here now, in public, surrounded by people, this stranger has forced open this little locked box inside you.

And… You also know it is way too late for doubt. You are mine. I have your body. I’m too strong, too heavy. Each breath you try to draw now is a strain, each painful expansion of your ribs against my weight just another reminder of how helpless you really are. The silk cutting against your wrists just underlines that fact. I’m just waiting for you to realise that and then I’m going to take you. Once I know you are full of despair at what you have done, how far you are away from your safe harbour, that is when I’m going to fuck you for the first time.
And even though you know my intentions, even though I have revealed to you how I will abuse you, treat you, use you; you will still follow me off this train. Even though I scare you to your core, even though you fear me, fear that I know the real you better than you have ever admitted to yourself, you will follow. Because I have your mind now. I know it, the slut inside you knows it, and the only one who seems to be waking up to the fact is you.

You reread those final words repeatedly until they begin to swim in front of your eyes. You slump back in the seat, its hardness your only anchor to reality, a small comfort as you feel the rest of your world drop away. You look back. You can’t stop now. You are too far gone. You know he is right. He is going to be inside you, and you will let him take you. You do the only thing you can and concentrate on the words before you once again.

And… When I finally give you my cock, when I finally push deep inside you, when you feel my heat within you for the first time, we both know you will be screaming for me to take you harder, deeper, anyway I want. You will cum for me screaming my name, which I will whisper in your ear for the first time your cunt clenches around my cock, drawing me deeper inside you and I drip words into your mind.

The sound escapes your throat before you realize, your body betrays you with a quiver, thighs quaking, legs shaking. An electric sensation sweeps through you, lost now, abandoned to your fate you close your eyes, grasp the physical reaction and squeeze your legs together. The animal growl deep at the back of your throat draws unwanted attention, you don’t give a fuck, this is the most alive you have ever been, even though you are petrified on where this is leading.

The train slows and the movement around you brings you back to now. You open your eyes again as the waves subside and glance back only to find the seat empty.


Grabbing your bag, your book hits the floor, as you squeeze through the closing door, your heart is racing, fearing you are too late. You have missed him, gone forever. Your body still shimmers inside from the feeling he created with his words, you know you want to feel it again. You know you need his words and hands.
Even while pushing through the crowd, his fingers swim through your mind, moving from his keyboard to your body. Those fingers which played across the keys so deftly, finding ways to seduce you, and melt your body through mere brushes of a fingertip.
Despite the urgency in your search, you lose yourself for a moment to these thoughts. You stop while the world continues to move around you. As you stand there imagining the feel of his fingers plunging inside you, people push past you on their way home. You gasp aloud at the thought of the power in his grip, how his fingers would curl inside you. Dreaming of his harsh touch, needing to feel them push their way deep inside you, finding that spot which vibrates through your body.

The fingers on the back of your neck shock you back to now, rough skin clasps you, tilting your head to the side, the grip almost rough, total confidence.


A single word, growled in your ear, his presence heavy behind you creates further menace in that short utterance. He moves past you with no further word, not even glancing back to see if you are pursuing him. You stand there stunned.

As you watch his broad shoulders recede along the platform, the sharp pain of fingers pinching your arm moves your feet forwards. Turning the corner with the red light of dusk coating the surrounding buildings as you leave the station, you feel alive, for the first time since you can remember, you feel. Aware of everything – feelings hitting you are magnified, more than real.

A burst of pain and shock cannons through your body, as you are pulled into the alleyway and slammed against the wall. A startled shout is forced from your lips, even as a hand clamps over your mouth. Fingers dig so deep into your arm, bruises already rising in response. The cold brick seeps through your jacket as his bulk bears down on you. His breath hot against your neck, his cock hard and straining against your thigh.

You stand there slightly stunned by the sudden shift in speed, trying to readjust to the change in events, the world slipping even further from your control. You can feel one of his hands begin to explore you, tracing an aggressive line along your leg, forcing them apart. Your body is running away from you. You know your soaking, wet thighs will betray you if he chooses to search there.

He leans into you, brushing his lips against your ear as he speaks for the first time since that single utterance on the station Platform.

“Now… it’s time.” His words drip into your ear. You hold your breath as his hand moves to your throat…

As the fight rages on inside, you watch as he slides a finger along your dripping pussy, bringing it to his mouth, tasting you slowly, carefully. His fingers describe an elegant arc, slowly travelling back from his lips to your waiting core.

“You need this, don’t you? You want me inside you, don’t you? More than anything right now, you need me to push my fingers deep inside your pretty little cunt, don’t you?”

All you can do is nod, fearing if you open your mouth all that will emerge will be a scream of need for him to take you now, fuck you, use you.

“Are you ready, baby?”

Once again you taste blood and realize you have bitten your lip hard again, trying to retain some sort of control.

“Answer me.”


“Yes what?” he commands.

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good girl. In a moment you will be on your knees, in this dirty alleyway. Your hands restrained, my hand in your hair, holding you in place. It will be painful, harsh. I’m going to slide my cock out of my trousers, force open those pretty lips of yours and bury myself deep within your mouth. I will not be kind. I will slowly take my pleasure from you, fucking your mouth, using my hand to control your head as I push you up and down my cock. You will taste me at the back of your throat. I’m going to bury it in there and you will accept it, like the good girl I know you are.”

And as his strong hands begin to turn you around and force you to the floor, your mind has already raced ahead. You can taste his cock inside your mouth. As his fingers slide his hard cock from within his trousers, it’s glistening head, sweet before your lips, you can already feel it hitting the back of your throat, the delicious width of its head making you gag.

You groan as he forces his cock inside your mouth, not from his musky taste, but from the image already playing in your mind of his hard cock hammering repeatedly in your mouth, his heavy hands holding you steady as he thrust and fucks.

As he finally starts to move, hips slowly thrusting, pushing his length between your lips, he begins to talk to you again. Through the mist of your own pleasure, lost to the sensation of his hardness against your soft tongue, his voice curls around you.

“Once I have fucked your mouth, once I’ve taken my pleasure, you need to know I won’t give you what you want. I know you want to taste me, but not yet. You will need to wait.”

As his words drip over you, hot lustful honey drizzled through the centre of your brain. Your body becomes heavy with need; your cunt clenches, twitches, greedy. All the time he keeps moving, his cock in motion, hands held behind your head, forcing you on to him. As he moves, the need to taste him grows. In desperation you move, suck him deeper, wrap your tongue around his cock as it slips and slides.

“After, I’m going to pull you up by the hair, push you up against the wall, pull your legs around me, and spread your pussy wide. My fingers will push deep inside you, as my tongue pushes deep inside your mouth, I will push my cock inside you and we will both taste you.”

He is true to his word. Suddenly, pain surges through you as you are drawn up and slammed against the wall. A small gasp escapes your lips at the shock, only to be captured as he pushes his mouth to yours, his tongue finding yours.
Finally releasing your hands to pull your leg up around him, you claw at his back, grasp his head pulling him on to you, needing his promised cock inside you.

His fingers find you first. Rough, violent, they drive deep, curling, twisting – you cum. The suddenness shocks you. Your body shaking as the wave surges outwards, clamping his fingers deeper inside you. Then he slides then out, you groan into him, needing more, but expecting at what he has promised next.

You taste sweet, his tongue fighting yours to lick his fingers clean, and he explores your mouth. Then they are gone. Instead his hands clasp your thighs, fingers digging deliciously deep as he wraps you around him, lifting your tiny frame easily off the ground, crushing you against the wall.

“Yes!” Your shout is loud, exuberant, and glorious as he slides inside you. You wrap your arms around his broad shoulders, pulling onto him, digging your fingers in deep, to spur him on, needing him to be deeper, to force his whole length inside you.

He is at your ear now, whispering, words and cock combining, his words fucking your mind as his cock fills your cunt. You close your eyes and there is nothing now but him inside you – physically and mentally. Words, cock, tongue – a lust filled cocktail. Each thrust mixes pleasure and pain as he slams you against the wall, his hands bruising your thighs, fingers crushing.

Words building, cresting and flowing more quickly now as he builds you to release, teasing and twisting your mind as his cock commands your cunt. As you feel your own orgasm build, you claw against him, fingers ripping into him while he tears into you.

When he explodes inside you, you are lost to anything else but him. How totally within you he is. You cum again, letting his name spill from your lips as he collapses against you, physically spent, panting, slowly he calms, words a slow trickle caress as his hips rock gently against you, forcing out your final tremors.

You hold tight, hugging him to you. He is silent, restful. But you feel awake for the first time, a box unlocked inside you, the hidden animal released from its chains.

You lean into him, your lips by his ear, one word. “More…”

“More, what? Say my name.”

You swallow, trying to control your breath. “More please… Sir.”

“Good girl. I’m pleased.”


Well....? Did you? ;)

Thursday, February 5, 2015

A Grey Cloud

My mind is scattered lately... like i lost the ability to think sharply...
Having difficulties finding the right words...
Lonely. Yet i am not alone.
He is here.
Melancholy, yes?

Find myself searching online images that remind me of D/s
They don't even have to be explicit...they don't always have sexual innuendos...
It can be just a lace or tall trees, leather, furniture with a damask pattern...
Other times it's kneeling, worshiping...yet being cherished and protected...
Black and white images are particularly calming.
They, or its more the emotions they inflict make me feel
Safe...like a protective grey cloud.

But i must confess...
There is something about a state of melancholy that i like...
Its surprisingly - familiar.

Can't really explain it, but this is when the submissive in me becomes
Even more alive...Needing of pain, being used, claimed and protected...