Wednesday, March 4, 2015


So I hear that March is traditionally a month of q&a . You ask I/We answer. Therefore don't be shy and feel free to ask anything and everything (non-outing of course) .

Looking forward for your Q's!

P.s : This Is my first time so please be gentle  ;)


  1. How do you feel you have grown as a submissive since starting your journey?

    3 things that are high on your list of..i really want to do that?

    1. Since we entered the lifestyle I've learned to "let go", as Sir would put it. Usually it has been my way or no way. And when things would't go as i previously imagined they would, all hell would break loose and i would turn in to raging bitch.
      I even ended up having tension headaches and my tantrums just added on top of his stress at work and school. Who wants to get home and get some more?!
      That was no way being in a healthy relationship.
      About a year ago something happened that just tipped my scale and it expedited my change to the better.
      You can read about it in this post I've made when that happened:

      I'm going to assume you don't mean vanilla :)
      hmmm.... let me think....

      1. I would really like to experience bondage. To be tied down and used, my pussy, ass and mouth to be filled with toys and different house hold objects.
      2. To be treated more harshly then usual. Being mind fucked on a daily basis and made to feel like i am totally His property.
      3. I would like us to work on me reaching a vaginal orgasm. As I've never had one.

      Thank you so much for popping my Q&A cherry and being gentle about it :)


  2. What do you consider your daring, scandalous sexual act? What kinky thing do you want to try that you haven't done before?

    Looking forward to your answers

    1. Hmmm.... Turned to Sir to help me remember... :)
      Well, what comes to mind is when we first started dating.
      He would come to pick me up and we would drive to the forest not far from where i used to live.
      We would move to the back seat of the car. I would stand on my hands an knees over his lap and he would choke me or push his fingers into my mouth to hold it forcefully open while he would finger fuck me.
      I know that it isn't that outrages or scandalous as you have putted, but i was the one that would ask him to implement those things on me previous to the date. It was before i knew what BDSM or D/s was. I was just drown to it, And in turn corrupted Sir. :)

      As I mentioned in my answer to tori, I would like to experience tight-tight bondage while being filled with toys and other objects. Maybe even to be left alone in that state with something still plunged and awkwardly sticking out...

      Thank you very much for your Q's sub hub!


  3. Hello,

    What is your Sir's favourite implement?

    Do you have a spanking fantasy, a scene that thrills?

    What book are you currently reading?


    1. Hey ronnie and welcome!
      So sorry it's taking me so much time to answer...

      I asked Sir, and he just reassured what i was suspecting - it's his HAND of curse. There is nothing like the direct touch of a strike flesh to's so much intimate :)

      Don't know if it should be called a fantasy, but it's a thought that i do find thrilling: coming back from some event...all dressed up... being pulled to some dark corner on the street by Him. Skirt up, bare ass, being pushed against something and thoroughly spanked just because. :)

      Books are kinda a painful subject right now. All i read are text books as i am trying to finish my degree...hopefully in about six months or so ill get to indulge in some good reading - just for the fun of it .

      Thank you very much for your questions ronnie


  4. What is your favorite thing to do together in your free time (vanilla)? What is your favorite thing to do when you're alone?
    What scares you the most about your journey through ttwd?


    1. That a very relevant question this days. As it's 99% vanilla.
      When we have a weekend to ourself we like to going on walks on the beach, hiking or having those little dates. Like an hour in some coffee shop.
      Although that has been a rare accurateness in the past year. Myself, I miss him so much that i'll take anything that will put me at his presence.

      Just thought of another something we like doing together: watching clips of different animals in bed and sending each other pictures of interesting and/or just cute animals via "whatsup" :)

      When i'm alone and have spare time, i two main guilty pleasures:
      1. I'm obsessed with painting my nails. With the huge collection of nail polish in all shades and colors and the manicure tools i have...the possibilities are endless...

      2. I looove reality TV. I call "National Geographic - Human addition". Just think about it: different groups of humans in their natural habitat. Thats Freud's Wet Dream! :)

      3. I guess what scares me is about TTWD is not being being on the same page.. you know what i mean?

      Thank your intriguing Q's Fiona !

  5. I nominated you for the Real Neat Blog award...see my post for details :)


  6. So did I!!
    Great minds think alike fiona =)

    XOXO Pearl