A few facts about Sir and I

1. We are happily married. Dated for about three before we got married.

2. I always had "tendencies"  :) , but i didn't had the names or definitions for what I was doing. Until I have. read a certain best seller ;) . The first "dirty" book I read and it changes my life...sigh.... But for the best so YEY :) .

3. I was a Domme with every ex boyfriend.

4. Sir and I are both in our early 30's.

5. My mind never stops racing. Especially not at night time.

6. The dynamic makes our relationship better even when it takes a backseat to life.

7. Sir is the first man i wanted to submit to.

8. Sir has the most AMAZING blue eyes ( recently started calling his eyes - ghost eves ) .

9. He calls me Subkitty

10.We enjoy black humor and twisted jokes :)

11. I do not always address Him as Sir.

12. English is our third language 

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