Wednesday, July 30, 2014


I don't know where to start...
So I'll just start whining now...

Vanilla is holding us hostage: No sex, verrrry little kink and definitely no D/s

He has been sick for almost two weeks now. I'm talking about sleepless nights and
a horse amount of all kind of medications.
He is doing better but still is physically weak.
Meanwhile i became the just happened.......

Now, before that was the period, and we all know what that means: two weeks of bitch fast.
During all that : EXAMS.
So that took some life force from both of us.

Today we had a fight after a "fail" play. Of Course he wasn't on his best game - he IS still recovering, but nooooooo, he thought it would be a good idea to play the role of a dominant. And you know what? This is exactly how it felt - him PLAYING a role and being truly dominant.

It was a totally stupid fight , that started by him asking me "whats wrong? "
Why does he do that?! and how the fuck he always knows?!

Things were said.....

A few hours later he spanked me until....
After about 15 minutes (i don't know actually how much time, but it felt about 15 min)
he went away for a few moments a brought some ice and rubbed it on my ass...
for a moment i thought he was doing it to soothe the pain, but then he cropped me!

It burned like hell!

Suddenly i felt the cane part of the crop (you can see it in my post first time for everything )
I shuddered and tried to wiggle myself away...he just moved it across the tortured skin. it felt very raw.
I heard him chuckle at my attempt to protest.....

Did you enjoy the ice?
Yes...But i thought you brought it to soothe my skin....

No. I knew it will hurt more when I'll use the crop.

The thing is,  I am feeling totally UNsubmissive.
Have absolutely no idea where to start to try and patch things up... and go back
to that happy place...the D/s place...where D = Him and s = me


Saturday, July 19, 2014


It's that special time of the month..PMS is here.

When i came home He gave me a big hug and asked me how was my day.

I told him that i was bitchi to everyone around me :

Well, you can be a bitch outside the home as much as you wish, but when you come home to you owner (oh my...that word...) you better be good!

With this very firm words, he brought his neck closer to my lips...
And i instinctively licked him...

It was a much needed reminder in this vanilla period we are going through.