Saturday, July 19, 2014


It's that special time of the month..PMS is here.

When i came home He gave me a big hug and asked me how was my day.

I told him that i was bitchi to everyone around me :

Well, you can be a bitch outside the home as much as you wish, but when you come home to you owner (oh my...that word...) you better be good!

With this very firm words, he brought his neck closer to my lips...
And i instinctively licked him...

It was a much needed reminder in this vanilla period we are going through. 



  1. Pms sucks! But what a good reminder from him :-)

    1. PMS sucks big time! And the fucker has so many faces....arghhh...

      Yes, it was a wonderful reminder I love those reminders. :)

  2. I second DF, it SUCKS!

    It sounds like your Owner did a terrific job reminding you who you are for HIM!

    1. Thank you Pearl!
      I think that those reminders play a major role, especially when vanilla takes over.