Sunday, March 30, 2014

Here goes nothing...

Never in a million years I would have thought to start a blog. let alone one about my personal life. Although I'm an outgoing person, I would never share my personal life with others. Not even a best friend. That was before D/s. 
Now how can I tell someone that I LOVE being submitted to my Husband?
LOVE to be sexually objectified by Him? LOVE being spanked to a point of total bliss?
HOW?! :) 
Okay, I CAN tell....but.... How objective will their reaction be? Or what happens if I'll need an advice or a second opinion or support ?

Now, as we are discovering the magic that is D/s and BDSM, I find myself in need to share converce and maybe even to have an open discussion about TTWD. 

What finally tipped the scale and catalyzed the decision of starting my own blog, happened a few days ago when i posted a comment on a new post by Fiona on her own blog.I didn't realize when i started typing, but before i was done, tears were streaming down my face. It was cathartic.  

So many amazing bloggers, such as Fiona, Sir J (that sadly closed his profile :(  )
and Pearl Necklace (that I've discovered only recently) and many more, that contributes to Sir's and my life by sharing their life.
We are both thankful to all of you!

Please feel Free to comment anywhere, everywhere and anytime on my blog. 
I would really appreciate it. 

So... WELCUOME!   ;)


  1. Welcome to blogland!!! I'm so thrilled that you are here. I think blogging can be very helpful…very cathartic….very informative…very supportive. I wish you the best!

    Enjoy the ride!!


    1. Thank you so much for your support Fiona !!!

  2. subkitty,

    Welcome to you too!! It takes a LOT to tear away the fear and write that first comment. GOOD FOR YOU!!

    And, I am so glad my blog caught your eye! My Man and I are both better for the blogging- and blog reading =) that I do. I hope you find the same, it sounds like you already are!

    XOXO, Pearl

  3. Thank you Pearl Necklace !
    Does your Man have his own blog ?

  4. blogger is not letting me join any blogs for some reason....sounds like many have this problem right soon as it does, I will be an official follower!

    My Man does not have a blog, only me btw =)

  5. Welcome! Blogging is very helpful. We may be all on our own paths but it's so comforting to know you have fellow travellers toiling up and down similar hills and ruts!

    1. Thank you very much mc kitten!

      That is so true!...Sir and i have learned so much from reading personal blogs

  6. Welcome subkitty! That is a great reason to start blogging. Thanks for sharing what brought you to all of us