Friday, May 23, 2014

Learning Patience part II

You can read about part I here : Learning Patience

It has been a month since things fell apart.
You see, what happened was brought by a big deal of miscommunication. And we are both at fault.

He is not a man who is big on sharing whatever goes inside his mind.
I'm on the other hand, have no fucking problem expressing ( see also: shouting, screaming, yelling) whatever bothers me. And i dont release control that easily. Although i thought i did.

What happened was kinda a blessing in disguise:
The cards fell open on the table.
We learned where each of us stood.
What were the expectations for the futer.

Now, He feels more comfortable with dominating me ( even gets creative, which melts me away)
I feel more submisive which i think is directly linked to him opening up. There for i can trust him know what i mean ?

I don't have the earge to demand dominance...because now i know that he does and he will.

I just need to learn to be even more patient and less demanding.
To learn to release.

When HE DECIDES that i deserve of his dominance it feels so climatic, exiting, magical, erotic, demanding, powerful, overpowering...........(Just got horny writing this)

He said: I never stopped and never will stop bein your Dominant!


  1. That's lovely that you two are becoming more comfortable in your roles :-) I have to agree that creative dominance really is a wonderful thing!

    1. Yes. Its a work in progress....loooong progress.
      I absolutely love when the surprise attacks.... for some reason it happens more around the kitchen are....hmmmm....

  2. Oh sub kitty, this is wonderful to read!! This tangled wild journey we all is amazing where it can lead!

    Hugs and patience,

    1. Thatnk you so much Fiona!
      l'm very thankful for all the support i've received here!!