Thursday, April 24, 2014

Learning patience

After what happened last week I feel....
More submisive then ever. But it feels deferent.

We had many heart to heart talks. Many things
Were said. Things that probably (sadly) would not be shared
Under regular circumstances. Especially from him.

I am hopeful that it will make us stronger; as a couple, as husband and wife, as friends and as a couple in a D/s dynamic.

I can see now, that I wasn't nearly the submisive i thought i was
And did not get what submission truly is.
Just starting to understand that SUBMISSION IS PATIENCE....
I'm not good at being patient.

"When you want something, there is no stopping you" He says.

I need to learn to wait. To wait for Him. To follow Him
And the moment he'll decide to give of his attention to me....
his dominance...
That moment will be overpowering.

For now I'm working to deserve the "kitty" status again...
For now he lovingly calls me "My chaotic creature" ...
(I kinda starting to like it :-) )


  1. oh you're so right about the patience thing. I tend to be a charger offer too!

    Trouble is, the only way I find you can get any better at being patient is by practising. A lot. The universe tends to be terribly obliging at providing opportunities...

    1. Thank you for your comment kitten.
      That was an eye opening revelation. I can see things more clearly now and hope to become a better submissive for Him.

  2. That sounds like amazing progress, both as a couple and personally.

    Good luck with the patience. I can completely understand your difficulty!!

    1. Thank you Fiona.

      live and learn ...i guess...
      Why is it so difficult?

  3. Oh, I so understand where you are right now!

    Those tough moments really can chip away all the crap sometimes. It sounds like you are both are working through it.

    Here's to hoping we both start earning our 'kitty' status again!

    XOXO Pearl

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    XOXO Pearl

    1. You are SO KIND!!!

      Thank you Pearl :)

  5. Thanks to Pearl i've just found you and so can say hello :-)