Sunday, April 13, 2014

from being a kitty to being a Bitch

I don't know if He will ever forgive me...for being such a fucking BITCH.

Loving to be treated in dominance is not like being a good submisive...
I get it....but its to late.

He has been so exhausted from life, from the school, from work...and then he comes home...a place that is suppose to be safe....and there is me - an endless pit of neediness, of accusations.....of nothing 
NOTHING deserving of this Man.

Yesterday he reached a breaking point. By my hands.

He is everything to me. I am so sorry for the way I've been until this point.
He is perfection and i will devote the next, i don't know how much time to try and earn his forgiveness and the rest of my life to become a deserving wife of this Man.

A. if you are reading this.....
I love you


  1. I have so been there…where you didn't tip-toe across the line, but where you leap as far as you can over the line and scream like a banshie while doing it. And then you realize what you've done and the guilt is…tremendous.

    The good thing is that he loves you. Everyone makes mistakes, even big ones. It's learning from our mistakes that's really REALLY important.

    Good luck!!


    1. Thank you for the kind words Fiona.
      Although i do not deserve kindness after what i have done....
      i did learn and sadly so did he....

  2. You Do Deserve Kindness. Everyone makes mistakes.


  3. I agree with Fiona, everyone makes mistakes. We are human. It is what we do after the mistake that speaks to who we are.
    Be open and honest about your mistakes and what you plan to do, to DO better.

    You do deserve the kindness and support! XOXO Pearl

    1. Thank you for the support Pearl (may i call you Pearl ? )
      Honesty is the key word. So much was hidden....for whatever reason